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What Say You Then Add Video

Posted by danna on August 24, 2010 at 8:34 PM 3075 Views

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Reply Val Zudell
12:51 AM on March 5, 2011 
OMG Gene...The emotions evoked by this song are so strong, I feel it could move mountains. Our people really need to reflect on the things that you have brought out. You are doing your part to point out our failing to question the direction our leaders have taken us.
Reply Tammy Miller Harris
1:09 AM on December 7, 2010 
What Say You Then
by: Gene Thomas

When the world has said goodnight
The sun turns off its light.
When we've won or lost the fight.
What say you then?
What say you then?

And when mercy is out of tears
Even love has closed its ears.
And no longer wants to hear.
What say you then?

When that virgin morning sun
Says a new day has begun.
Lord, and its all been said and done.
What say you then?

When the day shall come at last
When all these days are past.
Tell me what then will you ask?
What say you then?

And when we're living in the day
When there's nothing let to say.
Even words get in the way.
What say you then?

When that virgin morning sun
Says a new world has begun.
God, and its all been said and done.
What say you then?
What say you then....
Reply Tammy Miller Harris
1:01 AM on December 7, 2010 
The first time I ever saw the movie, THE MIRACLE WORKER about Anne Sullivan's amazing feat when she taught blind, deaf and mute since birth, Helen Keller, how to communicate I couldn't even begin to fathom how she did it. Miracle worker indeed. Surely, God's hand was upon her.

This song, along with all my favorite GENE THOMAS originals, have the same affect on me. The lyrics, the music, and that warm, full voice so pure and true, stagger me time and and time again. Take my eyes if you must, oh Lord, but please let me always have my ears to hear GENE. If Helen could only have had the ability to at least hear, then one word would have been easy to learn and fully understand. Anne would only have needed GENE THOMAS to sing to her. Then, she could have taken Helen's hand and sounded out one word:

Miracle Worker, indeed. And surely, God's hand is upon Gene Thomas, as well. Thank you, Gene. And, Danna, thank you too!!! Wonderful job!
Reply danna
12:33 PM on September 12, 2010 
I want to make a short comment about this video. The song is not professionally recorded, just voice and guitar, which is much of the appeal for me. When I asked Gene if he would mind if I posted this video, he was hesitant. Well, y'all know that is so unlike Gene....I'm kidding. He was concerned that folks might not like it. What I love most about this song (and the way it is recorded) is the way it allows you feel that Gene is in the same room with you, playing and singing much like the final picture. No trickery, just a man with his voice and guitar revealing his inner self.