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I grew up in the 50's in San Antonio, and when I was 14, I remember dancing with the girl I so wanted to. I was very awkward and shy, and she of course was beautiful. So the DJ, Bruce Hathaway (Big Bearded Bruce) was working the dance at Strange's Party House on Bandera Road, and announced this was the last dance. Well, I asked her to dance with me and she did, All I could remember was the haunting melody of this last song of the night. So, fifty years pass, and I was still haunted by it. I was pretty sure it was called, The LAst Song, because that is what it portrayed. I searched for years for the title, and could only come up with edward Bear, which I knew quickly was incorrect. I could only remember the last lines, "And this song, will be our song, and the last song for me". Finally, I found involvement with Roy Orbison. I even wrote to his widow for help, and on some post, some kind person wrote to me and said, it was Gene Thomas. I was pretty astute with music from the Texas era, since I played rhythm guitar in several of San Antonio's top bands for years. But I did not know who this was. So I finally found a copy ( cost me plenty) and my heart sank as I listened the opening lyric, as I knew at last I found what I had been waiting to hear all these years. I wish I could describe the feeling, of having 50 years stripped away by hearing 5 words in that unmistakable deep voice of Gene's (This is the last song..........). I got in touch with Gene, and he was a wonderful person. He also helped me in my quest. What a true gentleman. So Gene, I probably told you this, but I wish to publically thank you for all that you did, and thank you for sharing your talent with all of us who care deeply about you, and appreciate your gift. I am 64 now, and if I indeed live to be a hundred, listening to The Last Song (I have it now on my mp3) will always be the most special single song of my life. Thank you sincerely.

Rob Richie

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