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Mickey Newbury reunion in Houston

Posted by Darlene on June 28, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Gene attended the 10th annual Mickey Newbury reunion in Houston this past week-end.  It was a heartwarming event in remembrance of a great songwriter and singer.


Gene performed along with many others, to acknowledge their respect and admiration for Mickey.  Gene has not performed, by choice, for several years, but felt honored to be a part of this event, to honor his longtime friend, Mickey.


For interested fans and friends:


Gene's time on stage was very casual, yet charismatic and since so much time has passed since he has performed, he was totally surprised that he received a standing ovation.  Whether Gene thinks so or not, he is as good at performing now, as always, and this thought was shared by many friends and fans at the event.


A nostalgic and great job by Gene for Mickey Newbury.

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Reply Darby Jones
10:32 PM on August 28, 2013 
Mickey Newbury is a legend!

So we started a kickstarter project in honor of him! Watch the video now (

Very soon there will be new Newbury songs performed by Chris Newbury and his band ?Newbury Syndicate.? Chris?s sounds almost identical to his father?s voice and the band adds a southern americana rock sound with immaculate musicianship. It?s their first recording project and we need you to help fund the Kickstarter project.

Do you remember hearing Mickey the first time? Wouldn?t it be cool to introduce to our kids that Newbury sound with a rock twist they can vibe with? Also, you can get some cool gifts, digital downloads, t-shirts and much more.

If you have an amazon or paypal account, it only takes a few clicks to support the cause. Give $5, $10 or as much as you like. If nothing else, just spread the word.

Help keep Mickey?s legacy alive! Follow this link:

to destiny!
Reply Tammy Miller Harris
12:01 AM on July 8, 2011 
I was blessed to grow up in house filled with music. No, not the kind blaring from a radio or out the speakers of a stereo (though our teen years tested these items and the nerves of our parents). I mean original music by a woman who knew how to write it, and then knew--really knew--how to blow any woman on "said" radio or stereo off the stage afterwards. My Mom was Bonnie Miller and she adored Gene Thomas, both as a gifted musician and as a creative genius. And, of course, loved him dearly as her friend. Through the years we met and heard so many talented (and a few not quite so talented) musicians, but never did my Mom get so excited as she was the night I was to meet Gene. I know I've said this before and I'll say it again and again, but it is true.

I bring this up again on this post, Darlene, because until Gene was talking about Mickey Newbury, I was prettry sure I had somehow missed out on him. And from the way Gene talked, I missed out on quite a lot. So, thanks to YouTube and the Internet resources I was able to understand that indeed I had. I was also able to understand something else. It became quite clear to me how these two very fine artists in their fields would be friends. The common ground was there as plain as day. I don't know who else sang at the Mickey Newberry Reunion, but I know without a doubt, and without even having to be there, that Gene Thomas honored Mickey Newbury. Even more, I'd bet he enveloped the very essence of the man for those few moments on stage all the while still remaining the Gene Thomas we all know and love too.

I wish I had known Mickey Newbury. I'm thankful to God everyday that I know Gene Thomas. It may be that it would have been more than this ole' gal could have handled in one lifetime. Who knows?