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Letter to Gene from danna

Posted by Darlene on June 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM

I have spent an hour or so listening to songs by Gene Thomas. Abide with me here while I share some "danna" thoughts and opinions, that you have most probably heard/read before, but I think praise is far too lacking in todays world. While we are here breathing, moving and feeling, admiration and appreciation must be shared. While we are HERE.

While listening to "Sometimes I feel like going home", I took into consideration that the song was not penned by you. You told me that the song had been recorded by someone else and manager or writer or studio wasn't happy with how it sounded. You walked in, nailed it, and pleased everyone. Gene, this song displays and showcases your vocal range in a way that none other (that I can recall) does. Not only that, but you OWNED this song. There are audible sounds that aren't expected or sought after by the unaware men in suits. Holding a low note so that your bass voice vibrates beyond the ending of the word. Releasing that word by parting your lips and allowing a quiet "uh" to finish the word "home". I can't imagine that this song would have sounded more sincere, more YOURS if you had written it. You possess the rare ability to take anothers song and with your skill, heart, and voice, give new life to it in a way only you can.

Could the discovery of this voice have been the reason you turned to music? Or was the voice developed by your genius and devotion to become the unique artist that you are? Either way it is miraculous. There are millions of people that would love to have a beautiful singing voice. There are probably as many who have an incredible voice that never sing publicly. In your life, not only have you had your astounding voice to work with, but the amazing writing skills, and the ability to self teach guitar and piano, and probably some instruments I don't know about. Self taught guitar resulting in leads like your smooth, impressive lead in “One more in the line”, or the tender classical guitar in “Poor man’s bouguet”. So many MAGICAL times, coming together and thank goodness were captured on tape. Darlene told me you were unbelievable on stage. I have no doubt that she is right.

I regret having never seen you impress crowds with all your skills, your presence. However, I am so very thankful every single day for finding your one of a kind, masterful, moving music. You have shared your beautiful gift with listeners of all levels. My ear is trained and fine tuned. Your voice landed in my heart and will remain there as long as I enjoy this life enriched by it.

With more gratitude than I can express, your devoted friend and fan,


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