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Posted by Darlene on April 7, 2010 at 6:43 PM

My own particular hunger and perhaps the truest love is simply to pick and sing a song or two for you to let you know that when you're feeling up or down, I feel somewhat the same.


After all, it is part of the plan----Birth, youth, earth, growing, loving, even in our worse moments, hating.  It is being wounded, healed, sickness, health, marred, and scarred.  Picking up pieces, losing them, and gathering again.


It's my belief that even though we seem to be losing all the time, it is only because we can't see the final end to it all, and let us pray

that is when we win.  Our own efforts the future must measure and weigh.  Let us find one another so that me may find ourselves.


Gene Thomas   (197l)

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Reply Tammy Miller Harris
1:26 PM on May 29, 2010 
Okay, I am a windbag! Forewarned is forearmed, right? Gene, I know for absolute sure I will be buying your CD without even know what is on their yet! Because, and here's a t-shirt or bumper sticker idea for you "God don't make junk, and niether does Gene Thomas!"

So before I head over to buy the CD, I wanted to test my memory (which in the short term is horrible, but luckier with the long term). The night, or possibly nights I remember hearing some of your songs, then unpublished and I'm not sure now, I was just completely enthralled as I sat there in your living room listening. I felt so honored to be hearing them before the general public got to! So, these are some snippets of my memory. Tell me, or someone tell me if I am correct please. I don't remember titles, terrible with titles.

"...Oh baby love me like the morning loves the flowers. Hold me like the grass holds dew. Love me like (something, something, something). Let me spend my life with you."

and then there's one I and I think they are going somewhere on a train and the conductor or someone asks, "Where are you going (or headed) son?" and he replies and Gene's voice, I love it! drops down so deep and echoes at the end of this next line: "Six feet from here!" (and the "here" is pronounced like "heeyah." CHILL BUMPS!!!

Now this one may not have been a new one then but it was so pretty, 'I remember when you said, with this ring I thee wed. (something, something, something, some...) Rings of gold have turned to rust."

Then later on down the road Mom shows up with a tape one day and says, "You've got to hear this new song Gene Thomas wrote!" So we get in my old van, pop the tape in and whoa! "...and the good guys wore white, and the good girls did too. There was wrong, there was right. And the difference we knew. " Then something about "Remember the day (and man you lift that note so pretty on "day-ee")....forget some here, then finish with "A country boy's dream." Man! Talk about a powerful song. A powerful message! My kids and I would drive around singing along with you in my van &:) I know I still have that cassette somewhere....

Thank you Gene for your beautiful songs, your amazing voice, your presence on God's earth. And Darlene, what a treasure you are.
Reply Tammy Miller Harris
12:51 PM on May 29, 2010 
This is my first post since joining (a whole 5 minutes ago). First of all, I am so happy to have found you and Darlene! Gene, I can't imagine that like when some meets you they never forget it, that likewise they would not forget meeting my Mom which is how I know ya'll. I'm banking on that! I believe I was about 10 or 12 years old, when I went with Mom to your house (in Pasadena, or perhaps Houston). She was so excited to have me hear you sing, to hear not only your one-of-a-kind, rich voice but to hear your lyrics. I was used to Mom singing her originals to me sometimes line by line as they were written. She'd sing us awake in the morning. Sing us to sleep. SIng us through sad times. SIng us through joyful times. Life was a song, But, until that night I had never seen her as excited about someone else's lyrics.

That night, I found out why.

You see, she did what you so eloquently said in your last line: "Let us find one another so that we may find ourselves."

And it wasn't just one artist finding another. It was one human being, a fallible human being (though at that time I didn't realize Mom could possibly do anything wrong ever--she was perfect) . Sorry, I'm bad about long parenthetical comments! As I was saying, it was one human being, one fallible human being, reaching out and connecting with another fallible human being and being changed forever by the experience. Of course, one night sitting on your and Darlene's living room floor listening to you sing and talk and I would never have believed you fallible either! I fell terribly in little-girl-love with you!

But, it was so easy to see, even as a child, that the woman in the other room who came and went so quietly from the room from time-to-time was meant for you, and you for her. It is cliche' to say, but love literally shined in her eyes whenever she'd look at you. And, you with those eyes of yours, how they'd soften, just-so, for Darlene. Mom adored Darlene. She spoke as much of her as she did of you to to me.

So now, I have "found" you. And in so-doing am remembering and cherishing so many memories all over again from long ago of my Mom and my Dad. I was so blessed to have them as parents. I believe it was William Shakespeare who said "Life's a stage..." Well, let me tell you for us growing up it was like everyday at the Capitain Theatre! Poporn, candy, drink in hand kicking back and watching the show. And Mom, and Dad in a different way, and all their musical gifted, lively, unique and creative friends were the stars of the show.

Everyone, I hope will forgive me for saying that none shined as bright for me as my Mom did. Bonnie Miller.